1. Spring Break in the UK
    15 Apr, 2019
    Spring Break in the UK
    By Jordan Magnuson      Over Spring Break, Chiles High School brought a few students on an excursion to Ireland, Scotland, Whales, and England. Marlee Gaitanis (10) had the privilege of joining Chiles on this nearly two week trip, along with her sisters Mira and Maggie. Marlee told Chiles Howl; “my personal favorite was Ireland because of all of the beautiful nature and that fact that a lot of the food there was locally sourced.”      The group traveled by plane between countries, with some

Photo Gallery

  1. Spirit of the Arts: Highlights
    Spirit of the Arts: Highlights
    Chiles Band performs during Spirit of the Arts
  2. Men and Women's Chorus
    Men and Women's Chorus
  3. Men's Chorus
    Men's Chorus
  4. Jazz Band
    Jazz Band
    Students interested in joining Jazz Band can sign up for the seventh period class with Mr. German
  5. Chalk Walk in progress
    Chalk Walk in progress
  6. Chalk walk in Progress
    Chalk walk in Progress
    Art and Design students work on their chalk masterpieces throughout the day
    1. 14th Annual Chalk Walk
      14th Annual Chalk Walk
      Some of the best works of art from our talented students!